My name is Joe Martucci, and I am a web developer of the front-end variety. I like to work on the parts of a website you can see and touch.

If you’re looking for the bits and bobs of me spread across the internet, I post visual ideas on Codepen, code ideas on Github, and I share interesting dev links and cat pictures on Twitter.



Experience is such a weird concept. I built my first website 19 years ago, but I can only say I’ve been a web developer for about 3. Somewhere in-between those two points I got BA in English, wrote technical training manuals for the aerospace industry, and quality assurance documentation and investigation for biotech manufacturing facilities.

Turns out, I like building websites more than all that other stuff. A lot of my past jobs were for strictly regulatory reasons. The work was necessary, but at the end of the day it got filed away somewhere just in case someone came looking for it. That's not the case with the web. Things get built and put on display — they're out there for the world to enjoy, to learn from, to accomplish things.

Currently I work at EF as a UI Developer, building public facing websites and internal applications on web-stack technology.